Halloween Treats

The kids are having parties tomorrow at school.  So, this afternoon my oldest and I spent time making treats for the boys and girls.

These are two very simple treats to make and the kids can help and they love it!

Start out with these materials…disregard the Oreos, sprinkles, and white M&M’s which I didn’t end up using.  I thought about using Oreos for eyes, but they were too big for the cakes.  Maybe if you were using a Moon Pie they would have worked.

I unwrapped the cakes (which I think used to be called Ding Dongs back in the day!) laid mine out on cookie sheets for convenience and to be easily moved.

I used the cookie icing to make the eyes for both the spiders and the owls.  I purchased black M&M’s at the grocery store for their eyes.  Once I had made the eyes with the white, my oldest helped put the M&M’s on the eyes and put a piece of candy corn for the nose.  I used black writing icing for the eyebrows and didn’t worry about them being perfect since I wanted them bushy.  Kaisson’s idea was to add the pretzel feet.  I think it was a nice touch!

As for the spider, I made the whites of the eyes significantly smaller than that of the owls.  To make the legs I simply broke a pretzel in half.  Once again, a quick and easy project that the kids will love!

And of course, the creator had to make sure his creation was up to par!  He approved!

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