Life in the City

This week makes one month since we rolled in to the city. Hard to believe! All the months of thinking, praying, planning felt like forever; and then already one month down. It’s a little sad.


We are mostly settled in. All the furniture has been placed and pictures hung. We’re adjusting to life in the city more and more every day. There are a lot of new things to learn to be able to survive the city. We’ve learned that nothing is convenient, everything is expensive, and you better be ready to walk a lot to get anywhere. I suppose we knew all this prior to our move here, but it just became more apparent as we dove into daily life.

Just to get a feel for our lives here….we live on 1st Avenue, right on the East River. We are a couple of blocks away from the craziness due to the Queens Midtown Tunnel. We have a beautiful view that I feel so blessed to have…our windows look out onto the East River on the left side and to treetops with views of Midtown and the Empire State Building on the right. We are several blocks from a Subway stop; so we either have to walk to 33rd and Park or to Grand Central to jump on the train. Otherwise we can hop on a bus or walk. If it’s just me or Adam, we tend to walk everywhere. It gets us exercise, is cheaper, and sometimes it can be faster than public transit. The boys have been taking a sports class on Tuesday and Wednesday at Chelsea Pier on the other side of Manhattan, so we hop on a bus for that trek. I have been so proud of myself being able to navigate the streets, subways, and buses. Surprisingly it has been simpler than I had expected. Adam just laughs at me when I tell him how proud I am that I got from Point A to Point B.


The closest grocery store is about 5 blocks away and I have been there a few times to pick up several different things. When we viewed our apartment many people told us about Fresh Direct. You order your groceries online and they deliver them to your apartment door on whatever day and time you select. We jumped on this and it has been very convenient and kept us from having to go the store every other day. Food is expensive. Expect to spend $6 at least on a box of cereal and $6 to $7 on a half gallon of organic milk. Eggs will run you around $4 a dozen. I have decided that whatever I can purchase on Amazon Prime I will and just purchase items like milk, cheese, eggs, meat, etc. through Fresh Direct. Speaking of expensive…enjoy your washer and dryers people! It cost $5 to wash and dry a load of laundry here. The one good thing about this is a lot can fit in the washing machine and you can do multiple loads at once!


As far as convenience, we have found that Amazon Prime and are our best friends. The first week we were here we had no trash can. I went to Lowe’s 3 different times and hauled 3 different trash cans back and forth to our house in the heat. By the way, Lowe’s is basically a 3 mile round trip, and hauling big, bulky things in the heat like that are NO FUN! At least I got to see pretty sights along the way!


We have started the church hunt. We have visited Brooklyn Tabernacle twice and we will try it again next week. It is really convenient to get to from our apartment.  We jump on a bus a block over and ride it to the F train and then ride that train to right in front of Brooklyn Tabernacle. The first time we went Adam and I remarked that it was the easiest trip we had taken. We do like it there, but I want to make sure that the boys like where they are and that they are learning, growing, and finding friends. We came from such an awesome church, and they are so eager to make friends like they had at Quail Springs!!!


This week my mom and dad became our first out of town visitors. Unfortunately, they came during a heat wave with heat index’s at 109 degrees! We tried to do what we could to show them around. It was fun to get out because we hadn’t even had time to get out and explore much ourselves. We went to Grand Central, Time Square, Central Park, a broadway musical, got my dad a pastrami sandwich (his request!), and took in a Yankees game. I think we wore them out between the heat and all the walking!




We are so excited about the year ahead…being able to explore the city, other cities around here, and just getting to be a part of all the events that are so iconic to the holidays.  We wanted an adventure and this place is definitely one!  I love the sights, the sounds…love it all!  So excited for the year ahead!!!


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