Advent Calendar

My oldest is at the age where we can start doing some fun stuff for Christmas.  One thing that I’ve been thinking would be fun is having an advent calendar.  Something to help them countdown the days:  a fun surprise for each day; and hopefully an opportunity to learn the true meaning of Christmas, the fun, magical parts of Christmas, and the true spirit of Christmas…giving.  I’ve seen some really cute advent calendars at different shops, but I’ve decided to step out and make my own.  Who doesn’t like a fun, little seasonal project right?  So, I’ll be pulling out (and dusting off) my sewing machine and hopefully in a week or so you’ll see the finished product!

Maybe you have thought about doing the same.  So, here are a few that I think are too cute!  Check back tomorrow to see my ideas for each of the 25 days!

Just love the Santa with the cute little legs!

Love the niches with the gifts!


Yeah for vintage feel!


Instead of garland…advent!
Sophisticated idea from Pottery Barn with the ornaments and tags

Sophisticated look for a spouse or friend

Simple envelopes, stickers, rope/twine, and clothespins


Love the little drawers! 

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  1. Kelli Wineman says:

    My mom and I were just looking at some of these in some magazines today. So cute! I can’t wait to see yours!

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