Glittered Ornaments

I found the cutest ornaments the other day and they were so easy to make!  So, I decided to tackle them for the tree!  They take only a matter of minutes to create and are absolutely beautiful!!!

What You’ll Need:

-Glass Balls (Mine came from Hobby Lobby for 50% off…they’re having great keep watching!)

-Pledge Floor Wax (Needs to be the one with the blue cap apparently)

-Glitter (Martha Stewart’s from Michael’s work the best because it’s so fine (and she has GORGEOUS colors)…but I did use regular glitter in copper color for some of the ornaments)

-Plate/Bowl for Glitter to fall


Start by popping the tops off of the ornaments.  Then squirt the floor wax into the ornament and roll around.  I had a good little helper!

Take the lid off the floor wax and let the extra drip back down into the bottle.  Then take your funnel and glitter and pour the glitter into the ornament.  Roll the ornament around working your way to the top of the ornament. Then dump out the extra glitter onto the plate, or back into the glitter jar.

Pop the top back on, add some ribbon for a tie, and place on the tree.

Simple and beautiful!  Martha has tons of beautiful colors in glitter…greens, reds, blue, oranges, gold, silver…so, it can fit in with any decor and looks beautiful sparkling on the tree.

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2 Responses to Glittered Ornaments

  1. Autumn says:

    Such a cute idea, Hayden! These look great!

  2. Kelli Wineman says:

    Fun project idea! This would be a good one for teachers too.

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